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A reliable application that will help you convert between various audio formats
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Being able to convert between various audio formats is really useful as it can help you bypass the limitations of certain players or allow you to listen to your songs on MP3 players and other devices. Programs like Switch Sound File Converter were developed to assist you with this task.

Switch Sound File Converter is an efficient tool that allows you to convert to and from a wide variety of audio formats. This application has batch conversion capabilities, so it can simultaneously process as many files as you need it to.

In my opinion, one of the greatest advantages that this program provides is that it also allows you to extract the audio from your video files. So, if you have a favorite soundtrack, you will be able to save it separately and listen to it whenever you want to.

Another positive thing about Switch Sound File Converter is that it provides numerous encoding settings. This is really useful as it enables you to customize the quality and the size of the output files that the program creates. Furthermore, the program embeds an audio player, thus making it possible for you to preview the songs, before actually converting them.

One of the few disadvantages that I noticed while testing the application was that Switch Sound File Converter didn’t allow me to create settings presets. This means that if you are dealing with repetitive tasks, you will have to manually select the desired configuration each time you process a new batch of files.

Personally, I think that Switch Sound File Converter is a good tool to have at your disposal. Although a bit expensive, this program is effective and reliable so it is definitely worth trying out.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • The program has batch conversion capabilities.
  • It works with a wide array of audio formats.
  • The application enables you to extract the sound from video files


  • It doesn't allow you to create settings presets
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